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Caelan Booth

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Post - 6ft 8”


I started playing basketball at the age of 10 but didn't start playing competitively until 11yrs of age and that's when I realised my passion for the game and quickly became the leading scorer on my team. My highest scoring game ever being a total of 46 points.

In the 8 years I've been playing I've had the honour of playing at Andorra, Barcelona, Sweden, Ireland, and Manchester with the Scottish National team aswell as playing in multiple tournaments within the UK against teams from the Czech Republic and Wales.

As I've matured, I've tried to share my knowledge of the game with the younger generations whilst I've been coaching for Attack. I've gained vast experience whilst coaching the full age spectrum from Under 8s to Men's Seniors. It has also been really enjoyable delivering school taster sessions and seeing the sport at the fundamental level. I really enjoy teaching the art of basketball and I aim to make sure basketball is there for the younger generation. Basketball has taught me so much and in return I want to help the future generation gain the success I had as a player and show the them primarily that basketball can be used as tool to succeed in life.


U12 RDL MVP - 2012

U12 Scotland national team - 2012

U13 Scotland national team - 2013

U14 Scotland national team and runner up in Stirling summer slam - 2014

U15 Scotland national team - 2015

U16 Scotland national team - 2016

U16 decision 2 runners up with Grampian Flyers - 2017

1st at end of the regular season and only loosing 1 game at U18s dev 2 and 3rd in the playoffs

Level 1 coach

Level 1 referee

Level 1 table official

Level 1 wheelchair referee