ABA's primary means of communication is email, usually from our administrative setup at ManageMyClub.

We will use email to keep you informed of any changes to our training sessions (e.g. cancellations), details of external competitions such as Regional Development League Games (RDLs) and additional holiday camp training.

Our emails through ManageMyClub will contain details of events, and include a link we invite you to click to let us know whether you can attend or not.

We thus rely on parents and guardians to check their email regularly for communications from ABA, and let us know of any change of contact details or of circumcstances.

Any player who has not attended training for over one month, without communication of reason, will be deemed to have left the club, and membership will be removed.

We also have a WhatsApp group as an adjunct to ABA activities (ask us for details), but email is our official method of contact.

If you do not appear to have received emails from ABA, please check your bulk mail folder, or contact us to let us know.