Child Protection & Wellbeing Officer (CWPO) - Miranda Aitken


Our Child Wellbeing & Protection Officer (CWPO) is Miranda Aitken (adult volunteer) experienced in working directly with young people including within Community Learning & Development Service in two local authorities, and latterly, developing and delivering Child Protection training for front-line workers.

In 2021, completed Child Wellbeing & Protection in Sport training and CWP Officer training delivered by Sport Scotland. 

Key responsibilities of our CWPO:

  • Implement and promote Attack Basketball's Child Wellbeing and Protection Policy and procedures.
  • Encourage good practice and support of procedures to protect children and young people with
    Attack Basketball
  • Act as the main contact within the Club for the protection of children and young people.
  • Ensure all persons working with children and young people at Attack Basketball Club are fully aware of what is required of them within the protocols of the Policy/Code of Good Practice.
  • Provide advise and disseminate information re opportunities for our coaches to undertake training. 
  • Take details of any allegation/suspicion/concern and complete a Referral Form for Suspicions or Allegations of Abuse of a Child or Young Person.
  • Respond to concerns raised by players, coaches or parents, follow the Child Wellbeing &
    Protection flowchart and consult with appropriate Child Protection professional (i.e. Social Worker or Police) if needed
  • Report cases, concerns and action taken to basketballscotland’s CWPO within 48 hours of any disclosure. 

    If as a player, coach or as a parent, you have any concerns related to Child Wellbeing & Protection,  Miranda can be contacted by mobile on 07425 943 739 or by email: